A memo from the Great North Woods

July 4, 2010

In case the three of you who read my blog were wondering (hi, Mom), I have not been eaten by a moose. But sometimes I forget to check my email for two or three days, and then the next two days the internet doesn’t work, and all my writing/creative-type energy is going into transcribing Haitian folk melodies and tweaking them to match somebody else’s lyrics. I know, poor me, right? But that’s how it is.

For anybody to whom that made no sense, the short version is I’m working in a theater in northern New Hampshire for the summer, and I haven’t managed to post in a while, and I can’t promise I’ll get much better about it. But I hope to spend a while one of these Sundays writing up a bunch of posts, or at least ideas for posts, that I can upload on the fly when I’ve got some internet time but no energy to write.

And I promise to say hi to the moose, if and when I actually encounter one.



  1. Part of me is sad that you haven’t been eaten by a moose, in that then you would have gotten to see a moose. Unless it was a sneak-up-from-behind moose attack and you never saw it coming. That would be really sad. But if you do see a moose, definitely give it my greetings.

  2. There are few things in life worse than a sneak-up-from-behind moose attack.

    And although I have yet to see a moose, I did get to eat a little bit of one last summer. Maybe they know. Maybe that’s why they’re staying away.

  3. I too have been without Internet for a few days because of our move. Yours is the first blog I was inspired to check upon realizing I could! I’ll try not to get trampled by a World Cup mob if you try not to get eaten by an animal you formerly ate…

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