Thoroughly appropriate

September 14, 2010

So the show I’m working on this fall is Willy Wonka, based largely on the older Gene Wilder movie but with some additional music and a couple of other differences, and my project for today was making a bunch of recordings for the choreographer to work with. While taking a break, I also read through the script, only to come across the title of this blog. Not to spoil the ending for anybody who hasn’t read the Roald Dahl book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (though really, shame on you), but there’s this elevator,  see, and:

Mr. Wonka was reaching for a button high up on the glass ceiling of the elevator. Charlie and Grandpa Joe both craned their necks to read what it said on the little label beside the button.

It said . . . UP AND OUT.

Up and out,” thought Charlie, “What sort of a room is that?”

Apparently Willy Wonka and I have a couple of favorite words in common. I certainly wasn’t thinking of Roald Dahl or the glass elevator when I picked my blog title, but it seems a thoroughly appropriate coincidence.



  1. Like.

  2. Awesome! And welcome back.

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