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Good news/bad news

October 19, 2010

Here is a brief recap of the ups and downs of my Monday.

Good news: I got to talk (OK, Gmail-chat) with my brother, who’s in Senegal with the Peace Corps, and whom I haven’t been in touch with since he left in August. Now he’s getting ready to leave the regional compound for his assignment in Bakel, continuing to learn Wolof while anticipating learning Pulaar, which is what his host family speaks. It was good to catch up. Yay!

Bad news: On my way to Needham to teach a piano lesson, my car started to overheat. No weird sounds or smells, but the Check Engine light came on, and then I noticed the temperature gauge was all the way in the red zone.

Good: I made it to the lesson and was then able to drive the car to a mechanic around the corner, who added some coolant, listened to the engine for a while, and then…

Bad: told me I needed a new water pump. I would have to leave the car overnight at least. I called my tutoring appointment in West Roxbury to cancel.

Good: I could still make it to Willy Wonka rehearsal, because Needham and JP are on the same commuter rail line (I used to take that train when I lived in JP and needed to get quickly from work in Needham to class at Emerson).

Bad: Due to skipping tutoring, I got to JP an hour and a half early, and without the cheap dinner I had hoped to acquire (there’s a Taco Bell near my student’s house).

Good: I treated myself to a Top Shelf Italian sandwich (sopressata, capicola, mortadella, provolone) from Real Deal. I’m not sure why, because it’s not the sort of thing I usually order, and not what I had in mind when I went in. But it was delicious, full of rich meats accented with the crunch and zing of pickled onions and spicy peppers, and wonderfully soul-soothing. And I saved half for dinner-on-the-road tonight.

Bad: I took my sandwich over to the theater, only to meet the director, his partner, and their 2-year-old foster son, who had just arrived, but without their key, and I never got a key, so we were all locked out.

Good: It wasn’t too cold, so I ate my sandwich on the stairs outside, and pretty soon the choreographer came and let us in. Rehearsal was fine, a little chaotic, but everything’s better when there’s a delicious sandwich in your belly.

Bad: While you can certainly get from JP to Quincy by public transportation, it takes about 4 times as long as driving, and involves 2 trains and a bus. Unless your train gets in after 11, in which case replace the bus with a 20-minute walk.

Good: My train got in before 11. And I shared the first leg of my subway ride with a young man in rollerblades, a black pitbull named Jackson, and a fluffy little tan-and-white papillon-type dog named Dinosaur with his tail and a blaze on his forehead dyed pink. There should be more punk-rock dogs on the T. They make everyone happier.