Hi, my name is Bethany Aiken. About three years ago, I finished a master’s degree in creative writing (poetry), and I’ve hardly written anything since. A year later I quit one of my many part-time jobs, most of them music-related; I’d been there five years and needed a change, and figured I could easily replace it with something flexible and undemanding. Hello, economy: everybody wants those coffee shop jobs now, and I never found one. So there I was with lots of time on my hands and a degree I wasn’t using. And a blog.

Anything I write here is practice, I figure, a way to get back in the habit of writing regularly. I write about the things that get me excited right now; so far that seems to be mostly hiking and food, recently skewing a bit more towards theater as well. Since I’m moving to New York in January, maybe that trend will continue? We’ll see.



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